About Our Firm

Founded in 1975

Darrell & King provides personalized investment management services to individuals and families, as well as to corporations, foundations, endowments, and other select institutions.

Our investment management practice is built on the following:

Unique Approach to Investing

We do not limit our investment universe to the traditional investment style boxes: value, growth, large-cap, small-cap, foreign, domestic, etc. Rather, our philosophy is to invest in the areas of the market with a high probability of appreciating over a multi-year time period. We accomplish this by maintaining maximum flexibility in regard to capitalization, style and strategy.


We are committed to keeping our client base small in number. This ensures complete understanding of each client’s unique financial situation.


Clients initially place trust in Darrell & King as a result of our track record or a referral. However, over time trust develops and grows as a result of working together and experiencing our guidance through various economic and market cycles.


Darrell & King has over 40 years of experience guiding clients through challenging and dynamic market environments. Having navigated multiple market cycles, our investment team is skilled in designing investment strategies to meet your objectives.


We believe in maintaining our independence as it allows us to focus solely on your needs. Many investment firms sell pre-packaged products or programs that often fail to address specific investment objectives. At Darrell & King, we view every relationship individually and design portfolios accordingly.

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